Bacterial Networks (bacnet15), 9-14 May 2015, San Feliu de Guixols, SpainBacterial Networks (bacnet15), 9-14 May 2015, San Feliu de Guixols, Spain

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The goal of BacNet15 is to cover most recent advances in key areas of bacterial network research, including information processing and signal transduction, uni- and multicellular behaviour, stress responses, small molecule signalling, cell biology, systems biology and bioengineering. Although it is commonly recognized that a majority of cellular functions are executed by complex networks of genes, proteins and small molecules, our understanding of how these networks operate within the cell is still very limited. Further progress in the field requires a novel combination of interdisciplinary approaches, combining the tools of molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics with novel high-throughput techniques, bioinformatics and computational analysis. The advances in the field promise to revolutionize our understanding of bacterial physiology, pathogenicity, ecology and evolution, and will also allow the rational design of proteins and networks with entirely novel functions for future biotechnological and biomedical applications. BacNet15 continues a series of highly successful conferences that bring together molecular microbiologists, biophysicists, systems and synthetic biologists, fostering an exchange of ideas and providing a discussion platform that will create new synergies and promote collaborations advancing the field.

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